Innovation Workshops

Take your Business to your Customers and Enable the Mobile Workforce. It’s not just your customers that have gone mobile, it is also the modern workforce that needs to be connected to your systems and information.

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Innovation Workshops

This innovation session is being conducted to aid your company in planning our technology direction for the next 5 years, and to also aid the business in finding new innovative way of delivering services/offerings for both customers and staff.

Our Team Members have, over the past 4 years delivered many of these workshops to different customers around the world, from small businesses to multinational ASX listed companies setting up the direction for organisations to evolve GTM offerings and services using technology, people and culture.

The outcomes from these sessions will include a technology strategy that will incorporate ways to utilise AI within your organisation. This will not only be a high-level strategy, but we will also create a “Sand & Stone” program which will summarise the small and large projects needed to deliver the findings of the Innovation Workshops. We will work with you to uncover the “WHY” and then the team at Lynkz can show you what’s possible with the “WHAT” and “HOW”

During our sessions we will discuss items such as…

  • Current Technology Stack
    • Infrastructure
    • Software Off the shelf products
    • Custom Development Software
    • Cloud Services
  • Prior Technology Roadmap
  • Current technical challenges
  • Business Strategic direction
    • 6 months
    • 12 months
    • 2 – 5 years
  • Strongest Competitors in the market?
  • Why your company over your competitors?
  • Why does your business lose customers to these competitors?
  • What you see as blockers or challenges to date for your customers?
  • What does your industry look like in the future for customers?


Workshops will vary in length depending on your company’s size and complexity. We will work with your stakeholders from across multiple business units i.e. IT, Finance, HR, Marketing/Sales etc to develop a whole of business strategy.

Senior Leadership team

(between 2 & 6 hours depending on company size and complexity)

Senior leaders

Senior leaders within the business
(Information Technology / Marketing / Operations / Chief Executive team)